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He is untenesced? How do I do everything right?


I stand on a boy to which I stand next, but has no experience in things "romance". I am already more experienced (longer relationship, first time, etc.), and therefore wants to do everything right, and that everything is beautiful for him. Do you have tips? What would you have wished for your first partner or wish you?


in front: this is only my subjective opinion and he can see it differently and I would definitely talk to him myself again if you have the impression it is comprehensive. Redebeshed.

I am almost 23 (m) yourself and have no experience .. whether kissing or something else. I would have much bigger fear something wrong to do than you. After all, you have comparisons ... I do not. And that a kiss with a person who likes and loves "bad" is, I dare to doubt. I would think I do not want you to talk big about that you have more experience. Admittedly, I'm very extreme ... but I think that no guy has no experience yet, like to sayt that you have much more. If he asks you, then of course does not lie or hide, but I would not spend the topic from me now on the table. I would not just want to attack my partner ... whether it's the first kiss or other first times or other first paints, it would be much more important to me that you can leave me the time that I need and may not go immediately from zero to a hundred, but would be keys over a longer period of time.

As far as the first kiss is concerned ... Maybe there is something wrong ... As an inexperiencer you are really really hard to realize if you want to be kissed now or not ... Ergo come towards him .


Do not put it under pressure. Otherwise talk to him, communication is basically very important.


Since when can you get in a relationship and get better in it? Relationship is not like training.

He is untenesced? How do I do everything right?

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