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Do girls rule the boys?



It happens to me that girls rule the boys and guys do everything for girls. Always the guys have to go behind the girls, and girls can simply choose and change whom they want. And I feel that girls guys do nothing attractive and rather rummage with their BFFs. I'm really jealous, sour and frustrated because girls are much nicer than guys. Is that really true? What should I do?



No, that's why not true, and you have a rejection to you in it you say you find guys nd attractive but a second later you say you do with the BFF rum


Maybe that is the case with minors.

Unfortunately, the ego of the boys changes as soon as they are men & have honest problems to be friendly or to say something of a woman.


absolute ....

"And already open bag and heart

and then you buy 'n ring and' n mink"


No, I do not think so. Girls I do not care. I'm really ignoring her and would like to have nothing to do with this gender, especially during currencyND of my school time.

Boys can choose girls, girls can also go behind guys.

You barely get it with.


Of course we do guys Everything for girls, because they have breasts and you can have sex with them!

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