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How do I get closer to God?


That does not work. For contact it always needs two. Be what you can not be!


From a Christian-biblical point of view:

The Christian faith is a personal decision. Christ you will, if you believe in the God revealed to us in the Bible and takes advantage of the Deputy Victim of the Cross of Jesus Christ to forgive our sins for themselves.

This means that we all in Words, deeds and thoughts sin and therefore miss God's saint, pure and fair scale and can not really come to him. That's why God has become human in Jesus Christ himself to die on behalf of our sins. If we trust it, God sees us as cleanFrom all the guilt and we can call ourselves his children and friends. That's really wonderful!

A few tips on how to find or strengthen your faith in God:

  • Read in the Bible. At the beginning perhaps the Johannes Gospel and then the letters to the Romans and Ephesians.
  • Layout Bible Penes that appeal to you especially.
  • Christian literature to the Bible read or hear sermons. On the Internet there is a large selection, for. B. at
  • talk to other Christians about faith.
  • Visit a Christian church or community in which a proclamation geared to the Bible takes place and in which you feel good.
  • God in prayer communicate your thoughts,entrust him everything and talk to him as with a friend and father. You can ask him that he should help you to understand his word (the Bible) and strengthen your beliefs.

In prayer to Jesus, say to Jesus:

Jesus, please come into my life and lead me.

It is written asks, so you will be given, knocking and so will open you (Mat.7.7). When a human sincere Jesus asks in prayer, Jesus will raise people. Jesus is the God of the Bible, who came into the world in critical architectural death, died instead of people and then resurrected, according to the Scriptures that the gospel is written in 1.Cor.15.1-4. Baptism takes place in Christ (RomansR6) and is the spiritual (1.Cor.12.13) Circumcision of the Heart, which God is highly personal according to Colossians2.11-12 in baptism. With the spiritual baptism, the baptized is then a child of the Almighty who created everything and is infinitely higher than anything else. Someone will not be closer to the Creator, except by the Rapture in which the people of God, the municipality of Christ will be converted and to be released into the kingdom of heaven, the Rapture that will bring us into the sky, but remains to be seen.

The proximity to God can not be prevented by the will from sin to be prevented from sin, sin comes in the German of the word secretly, who depends on God by attitude towards the word, sins arbitrarily and is therefore vo.n God secreted, far and not near. The will to follow the word of God is therefore a prerequisite for god to come closer. What the Word of God says is written down in the Bible for the believers to comply.

A Warning: Demons Do not just let your victims go like that will attack directly when someone asks Jesus in prayer, and try to prevent prayer. Some can not pray, some will believer.

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How do I get closer to God?

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