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I'm constantly calling an old lady and speaks to me on the mailbox, Block does n


So, for many months now a number calls me very far away, and since I do not know anyone in the area I never went ran. Then it started that the lady is constantly talking to the mailbox and seems to keep me for her son, it can not explain it differently. Anyway, my name is explicitly called my name for my mailbox. But she does not seem to understand and tells me everything possible. Then I block it at some point. But even though I blocked them, she can still talk to me on the mailbox, for whatever. I then get a notification that a blocked number tried to achieve and still a mailbox message from her. Then I have changed the announcement on my mailbox in which meexpressly addressed with her name, and that I am not her son, whose name I said. I pointed out in the announcement that you should correct the phone number that you choose. Then I received a mailbox message in which she does not say anything for about a minute. Stand under shock. I thought that it has finally done. So I have set my mailbox normally again with my name announcement. Since yesterday she calls me once again !!! Threatens me (your son) with a lawyer when I (he) does not report soon at her ...

I do not want to talk to this woman! She just annoys me and who knows if that's really really real. I know I believe the entireFamily drama thanks to your news ...

What can I still do? You are not calling for me.



I could imagine that this old lady is no longer completely oriented. Maybe her son really had this number at that time, who has stayed in his head and who now always calls in the hope to reach her son.

It is actually uncommon that you can block your number while blocking your number, but that you can continue to speak to your mailbox. I would advise you to ask with your network provider (Telekom, Vodafone, etc.) times, I'm sure you can help you no longer talk to your mailbox.

I hope I was able to help you.

LG Markus


Try to clasp and tell her personally

I'm constantly calling an old lady and speaks to me on the mailbox, Block does not work?

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