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Have you ever chose?


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Last year, the insured community of the insured community 340,000 Medical Regulations for Cannabis (in the form of smokable flowering) and cannabis-based products (extracts, spray) were entered.

The number of "KIFF" is around 4. million in this country, with the term "Kiffer or Kiffen" in about socially similarly derogatory as for a wine lovers of the term "drinker".
One says cannabis consumer.

Whether I have developed ?
No matter ..!
Also on the danger that it is said that cannabis consumers does not care anyway.


Hello Leftboyyves,

I have never seen, and probably does not have it to make it, for what?

Elvisnator wishes youEn beautiful Tuesday afternoon and greet you warmly from Lower Austria, stay healthy, I wish you a nice, successful football evening! ⚽


Yes and recently I had the worst horror trip of my life by grass.


I prefer significantly as alcohol and so And that's really pleasant and "cool". Do that almost every weekend, just now once or two months, I prefer to do my körpder as Alk, which I'm almost never drinking anyway

Henry once shisha

Have you ever chose?

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