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Will you also wear a mask after the Corona Pandemic?


If the infection numbers are 0 and all measures have been repealed, still will continue to wear a mask in everyday life?

No Choose 68%

Yes Choose 33%


I think when I'm poured out and the infection numbers are very low, then I'm the risk that someone who knacks my vaccine protection with a new, high-standing variant is just in might be in my area.


Jaei. If I got sick yourself yes! If I'm not sick no. I think you can imitate it like in Japan - as soon as you're sick mask and you protect others before what you have. Of course you can also infect from symptoms but if you know you are sick and has to cough, you can protect so many people from disease


I said in many answers non-mindful our coronary rules are and the masks in manyCases suboptimal, often useless (for example, when 20 students stop 2 hours in the same room - the aerosols will spread over the whole room in the course of the whole room the mask delivers only) and in some cases certainly even counterproductive are. (For example, in the supermarket, when the mask carrier does not use the mask properly, or masks are allowed to be borne)

Nevertheless, I am the firm conviction that it should be a good sound, even after this pandemic, that if you sick / get sick or similar. And eg You have to go shopping, you just wear a mask (ideally right), especially in coughing and co, are the one-time effectively effectively and that would also reduce the flu Tototen and Co away from Corona. The healthy person toProtection No mask wearing I hold in the trap for total shrubs, because the disadvantages predominate.

Here are some Asian states as a role model, where that is usually usual. I had already led that before the pandemic and still think it makes sense. That is, therefore, does not refers to general but especially: yes to a meaningful use of masks in everyday life.



Where and how it results later

Whether the numbers remain below or go slowly up and down again

Then in small shops, I would still wear them because of the distance you can not comply with


Easy, because the mask carrying is unhealthy and not niceSights. Only in crowded subways that I avoid and will continue to avoid in the future (Igitt

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