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How are you psychic, do you have problems?


Hey I have a question.

Many people do not look at it whether they are mentally healthy. I also stayed for 4 years in therapy, many would not think of me either. You can never look into a person.

What do you think how many people are mentally ill or inside. Mental problems.

Since her mentally normal or have her psychological problems.


I do not know choose 23%

Yes I'm fine choose 15%


I find things cool which are not normal. Or I also say it completely open and honestly that I do not want to be older than 50 years



I'm fine. Had never problems with such things. Am Topfit and have a very strong self-confidence and inner strength.

Greeting Vanni :)


I always think that others have much more problems that are much worse than mine and just focus on the beautiful things in life. Nevertheless, I have it, I did not take it, as it just stops well, if you understand what I mean.



It's really nice if even you ask instead of "friends"

NAJA I do not know how to go. I have problems but try to ignore them and stay positive.

I feel neutral.



Me It's bad for some years. That will always get worse. But I do not go to the doctor, because I do not know what to say there (I'm definitely dissatisfied with life and their mind). I just wait for what happens when the barrel overflows.

To the outside I do not let this note. Not before my family.



for many years with depression, PTSD and the traumata resulting anxiety disorders (control force, wash force) diagnosed.

Make my second trauma therapy.

On some days it's good, and not others. There is a smell, a shirt with a certain pattern, the certain haircut of a woman or certain days that are yearning. There is a dream of someone and I am the day as paralyzed.

This is one of the above-mentioned diseases. And then you look at it, because my masks do not work anymore. I wore it too long. At the work I do not let myself note. Since you see, due to the skin, only the washing force.

Many people have mental health problems, but they do not go house. They think that's normal and goes away until the typical symptoms of depression make themselves. It is easier for his physical healthTo do, because you do not do it, you see it and you wear it visible at one. For mental health problems you can see that you're just lazy that you only have to make an effort. And the company promotes these thoughts.

How are you psychic, do you have problems?

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