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How do you find the Rainbow Armband of Manuel Neuer?


The captain of the German national team, Manuel Neuer, has just started with a rainbow armband at the EM international match against France.

That should probably be a sign of variety or something. Me annoys this moral insane politicization of football. How do you see that?

Great gesture. Choose 51%

Nonsense. Choose 49%


Just as footballers face racism, they are a sign of acceptance. There is nothing bad. If you look for Hungary and Poland also entitled. Claudia

bad enough that the respective orientation must always be stepped in public. Great country, if there are no other worries.

It would be easier, everyone would make everyone as he wants. You do not have to talk about that.


You could just look over it.
I would not have noticed that.


An error is not, I think. Why should someone bother.


I think it's great that is shown the LGBTQ + should be accepted :)

How do you find the Rainbow Armband of Manuel Neuer?

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