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Which age did you start with masturbation?


I wanted to know about which age you started with self-fitting

10-11 CHOOSE 49%

12-13 CHOOSE 32%

14-15 CHOOSE 12 %

18 plus choose 7%

16-17 CHOOSE 0%


HEY :)

About 13 started thinking, so really then then stop, have moist dreams of us, but I'm not ma With :)

Bin M14 :)


I slipped back to a pillow, where I had my first orgasm at that time, it felt so well That I wanted to do it again and again :)

Masturbate to all people is super healthy, it is scientifically proven :)


I think there is not there now " The solid age "...

In some cases, the needs are already with 9 there, at others only with 15 or not at all.

I started as far as I know with 11


If you are ripe enough uND has developed a sexual need with every age is okay


I believe there is no reasonable and inappropriate. It was 11 and that was okay. Everything from 10 to 14 I believe I faith normal.

Which age did you start with masturbation?

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