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For what reason do people complain about Germany?


I live here my whole life or am quasi-native German, and it always comes to me that someone complains about Germany and would rather be elaborate there would be a lot cooler there ...

I just can not color any reasons. Can someone give me some ideas? I do not understand ... Germany is honestly perfect for me, with its corners and edges. I could never get along somewhere else.


People who are doing well, like to seek "the hair in the soup" and complain.


I look similar. Ask those who complain about our refugee and social policy: "Call me 5 European countries in which you would rather live." There is hardly anyone on 2.


This is a symptom of decadence.

We live here in Germany in a country by knowing no real problems. We have electricity, water, internet, we are not in the war and larger crises has barely existed (until Corona) in the last 15-20 years. Many people therefore start to create their own problems against which they can proceed.

However, that's what happensIt really goes downhill with this country in the last few years. The third largest gross domestic product in the world has problems with which countries that only have the fraction of our economic output will be better. It is sometimes lack of basics. We have laughing bad internet, our school system does not offer any elevational clings by education, not to mention that our schools fall apart, almost the whole EU hates us because of our solo in terms of migration, we have huge problems with poverty, our social system is extremely unjust the tax distribution as well, not to mention that our living expenses relating to electricity, gas and gasoline itself is at a high level compared to the sinfully expensive Scandinavia, which only is DHe growing funding and relocating the electorate to the political extreme right and left, which was never good.

There is already a lot of what's wrong here, but one should not forget what it is about positive here :)


on a perverse species can Germany is quite good.

The men are extremely shy. Anyone who always has a girlfriend.

Violence does not go from German

Nevertheless, USA has the dual pay

a government that ensures its citizens

And friendships are more common

For those who are fat and spoiled


This is whining at a high level.

Do not know how well it us here in the grunde goes.

But ... should you emigrate, then you see how bad it is elsewhere.

For what reason do people complain about Germany?

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