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Why do people like to live in a big city?


I live rather rural and have never understood that.

Although I have theories, but I would like to listen to what someone who lives there, says.


The larger cultural offer has something to offer. More live music, more cinema and theater, more alternative art. The international flair. Not the eternal people around one. There are more interpersonal possibilities ...


can just go out and usually getting what you need. There is just a great variety of shops and so. In addition, it has such a special feeling at night so through the city to run while it is dark but still everywhere is light. It just has something


Because the way to work is shorter! : -)

Especially since every 3 minutes a bus comes ... Nice! In addition, all shops have opened 24/7 and there are many bars, locations, assayStallments, etc.

I am "undressed" from the big city and live in the countryside now! : -)

I was too much and too loud at some point! : - / live now in the countryside ... in a municipality that is so small that we do not even have a postal code! ^^ + GG In the city before, there were 18 postcodes, depending on the district! ^^ + GG


Estimated are the main reasons for the fact that everything is pretty close, you can not necessarily depend on a car but can easily start in front of the doorstep and all this No distances are because you just have more options. And on the other, the anonymity. Everyone knows you in the countryside, rumors spread like a driving fire and every white fucks a lot about all LEUte. So you have a very limited privacy.


Shops on a turn, work on a turn, train and bus connections Perfect to drive more options or walk

Why do people like to live in a big city?

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