2021-06-16 07:05:13 STEPHANIE

I am overwhelmed.

Why are women so funny?

You help you, then suddenly you are a bad person?

You will give you a bouquet and the day on the morning, you are the one who should have destroyed your life? ?


In order to be honest, that sounds like you are 1. Not good in communicating and 2. As if you have built pretty crap. Women are not more complicated than men. Listen to her and try to put it into her. That's really hard. And listen to the blame with her.


So as you can do this, of course, this does not make sense, but usually there are always two perspectives and the woman's perspective would give you Then explain what is wrong.


That sounds like a concrete incident here. Without hearing your page, you can not give any tips ...

But I can tell you that not all women are like that.


Depends on what happened. The bouquet and life are hardly destroyed in direct connection. What exactly happened? What did you help and then the evil was?


The context is missing