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Conjunctivable with cat permanently visible?


Hey, since last night you can see these white flaps that you can only sleep when sleeping even if my cat has eyes open. Maybe he's just tired but I thought it was a bit striking. So now he's in the picture in half sleep but it looks almost exactly when he does not sleep. What can that be?


The white skin is the nick skin. It is a kind of third Lid that protects the eye of the cat from dirt. Normally, it is concealed, while sleeping, if you pull the eyelids of the cat, it is visible. Sometimes she also returns to the guards state nciht immediately. This is then mciht evil bad and she disappears a few minutes later.

But that's how it remains, the so-called Nickkhauttrasffall turns on a disease. Often, then parasites, ie worms and Co. it can also be direct problems with the eyes. Basically, a nickkraft failure occurs in many cases as smyptom and is not clear for the layman.

In this respect, if the nick skin does not disappear, you shouldvisit the veterinarian.


I would be clarified to the caution at the vet.

If the pitch hats occur on both sides, the causes are often in a poor general condition of the cat. Through the nickkruptcy, their eyesight is reduced. The incident of the Nickhaut normally goes back by itself when the reason is eliminated. Whether a treatment is necessary or not, a veterinary will be able to say a veterinary after the incoming assessment of all symptoms. In order to be able to recognize that as a layman, there are too many causes of the cat's nickkhaut's transaction.

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Hello Franzi569

The Nickhaut, the "Third Eyelid" of the Cats.

A nickkrough can be not only physical but also psychological origin.

An immediate veterinarian visit is inevitable!

Nickhaut incidents can occur on or on both sides . A unilateral incident rather points to a disease of the eye concerned, on the other hand, an incident of both pitching skins is usually a symptom of general diseases.

Please on None Case now just try something and make drops or ointments.

With the show organ you do not make experiments !! That can, in the worst case, the cat's eyesight !! Please tooM TA go !!

For strong nickkrow, the eyesight of the cat is limited, so please do not wait long and immediately go to the TA with the cat.

Characters can be carried out by:
  • Injuries
  • Diseases
  • Parasite Collection
  • or by mental issues, such as stress, are triggered

    Often, accompanying symptoms indicate the cause of the disease:
  • Fever, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Cat Couple / Disease
  • worms
  • Giardien
  • Tumor
  • Stroke
and others

The Reasons for a nickkhauta transaction are diverse and one must therefore find out what IHn has caused.

Our Maui (injury to the eye) and our Dante already had a one-sided necklace. Dante had a claw on the eye when romp with the big cats. With eye ointment for 3-4 days, everything was fine again. That's what Dante looked out at that time ...

All the best



That should assess a veterinarian. When the Nickhaut hangs so, a disease may be present.


He will have an injury, by fight OD. Even with the claw in the eye hanging. Ta is unavoidable Beh. His eyes lose

Conjunctivable with cat permanently visible?

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