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Stable big enough?


No Choose 80%

Yes Choose 20%


mmh, could be borderline. Did you measure how long and wide the garden house is? For two rabbits, it should have a floor area of ​​at least 4m². Although the houses / stables are very nice withdrawal, especially the areas below, but to the minimum floor area you should not count as it goes to move = hop.

In addition, it would be useful if you do not put the boxes with the hay and that straw does not put on the ground, as they cost space again. It would be more useful if you attach a shelf board to the wall. Then they would be housed there, but do not take any area for rags.


The rabbits could not even race there, beat hooks


After the area is predominantly delivered and the dimensions are not known for the residual surface, just as little the number of animals, can not be said nothing.

Stable big enough?

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