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What do you think of Hungary's new laws on homo / transsexuality?


There are u.a. included:

  • Legally stipulated is a family from a man, a woman and children.
  • All representations that do not meet this image are prohibited.
  • Homosexuality is equal to pedophilia.
  • This means that a central register is applied, in which people are homosexual.
  • Homosexuals must not adopt children (that's longer so).
  • Transsexuals must not officially change their birth-gender, not their name.

terrible, Hungary shall be saide Fly from the EU. Choose 65%

Finally a pioneer in Europe, we need here too! Choose 18%

Your country, your rules. Should they stop. Choose 13%

I am a different opinion, namely: Choose 3%

I do not think so well, but okay. Choose 1%

Joa, you can do it. Choose 1%


Since it goes against homosexual and femine relationships, I do not think it's good. It's good if you generally want to ban access to sexual films for children. But here is only the same-sex relationship. Homo is a men's relationship femine are only women as a relationship. Comes from the latrinical.


Sexuality should stay in the bedroom and is privacy. At home among the 4 walls can live a man with his wife or in the other case with a man. As long as he does not harm anyone or annoys.

However, sex change should remain prohibited. I can also understand that some people are annoyed by the LGBT movement because they really have to advertise everywhere and get uphave to present the road. At some point is well ...


Welcome Hungary in the Middle Ages.

My Last Spark Respect for this country is now also gone.

Such countries normally have nothing to seek in DE EU.

It is a human rights violation against a group who does not do anyone and only has a "mistake" to love. Roberto

I would be interested in the source. From other articles only is that finally children and adolescents be protected.

No day passes to Germany, where a quota swing is pressed on the eye. In addition, sexual education is already a catastrophe in kindergartens. If someone should become gay, getHe mt by all alone and does not have to be made aware daily.


other countries, other customs. The Hungarian state makes what he wants, and the German thing he wants.

What do you think of Hungary's new laws on homo / transsexuality?

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