How is the time running?

2021-08-23 18:02:07 LELA

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Exactly speaking, there are no times, something is an invention of the people so that the railway tracks could be coordinated worldwide. We were never in the past or future, but at any time in the present. Thus, there is and there is probably only the present to include knowledge.

What is this time exactly is a measurement, probably exactly. But even that is in contradiction: the higher indicator for the time is the pitching of the earth around the sun = 1 year. And a respective atom for the atomic clock measures the second. Time as an object is hereby purely fictitious. It gets dark and bright on earth, yet regardless of time, special his angle to the sun. There are still natural peoples who do not use the word zEit, because there is nothing you could know. Also, they do not count how often the sun or the moon passes because they do not need numbers. In her vocabulary, the word exists for little and for many, but no mathematics, which is just fiction.

And at exactly that point, man is splitting from the unity of earth, natural peoples do not need a difference of races, human, animal, tree, air or water: we all belong together and would not exist without the other. And it's the oldest fact: nothing can exist alone, this is our destiny on earth