Are Green and SPD still climate-damaging than other parties?

2021-08-23 19:01:00 VIRGIL

It is certainly concerned especially the Greens most to climate issues, yet in their last government participation with the SPD, in the case of climate losses, they have made shuffled results, ideologies from climate exploitation, and significantly contributed to the climate change in climate indicators such as CO2 or renewable. Energy technologies are bottled compared to most industrialized countries.

Example nuclear exception, which was initiated with the red green government starts 00r quickly in order to soothe the green party base, but the way this project has been implemented for this has taken care of that many federal states, partly also ruled SPD, are partly directed Energy sources have changed like carpower, today is Germany Als One of the largest carbon dioxide issuers in Europe.

Example promotion of renewable energies. It has actually been promoted a little more renewable energy during the red-green government, but with the impurity of the EEG surcharge, not only the bill for millons taxpayers and business has increased massively increased by them since the introduction of astronomical monetary amounts, but the results are Mid-best, the solar energy promotion, for example, first read numerous solar companies in Germany but shortly thereafter they went almost without exception. Similarly, all subsidized projects for energy storage and today are companies from Asia and America in climate technology leading and Germany. Would not this money be more reasonable in other places?

are the Greens and the SPD in the end because of their ideologies and a few economic responsibilities are not climatic?


What should they be better than anyone else?

The tearing in terms of climate change no more than the other parties.

Only those doing the whole unnecessarily expensive for each individual.


Climate-damaging than other parties

No party in the Federal Republic of Germany has poisoned the political climate more than the AFD in the short time of its existence .

Are Green and SPD still climate-damaging than other parties?