Is the AFD really as bad as you hear?

2021-08-23 19:02:42 RENE

Please lens


No. Find out of your side and look at some YouTube videos.


You have to weigh. There are both good as well as bad points and above all many different orientations and opinions within the party. Therefore, one can not speak exclusively from a good one of a bad party.


No. Worse.

The AFD lives with which little have the fear to stale people who have less to give them the few away.

This is one of the oldest tricks of capitalism: "If you have 100 breads Give 1 bread the poor and tell them the foreigners would take them."

Nobody takes care of your 99 breads.

In the constant concern for her little, no one comes to question the program of the AFD, pension exemption for many citizens, reduction of social benefits

etc ... meet above all who now with hurray the Select AFD.

Purly statistically, there is a 20% age / new Nazis, total failure, spinner, right-wing radical, foreigners, rushers, anxiety hare .....

Of course, they do not represent themselves represented by a reason-controlled policy and have found a representation of interest in the AFD.

As a result, however, they support a phenomenon of group hysteria, fueled by some eternal tries that, driven by the realization that

their outdated ideology in the ideology of race hatredIn the world in modern intelligent people is open to the open and extinction,

Now their last opportunity to see this racial hatred of making them socially accepted by

each as a terrible act of a single as alleged proof of one Put the worldwide conspiracy.

The representatives of this ideology do not shy away from lies and inventing alleged offenses.

Only 1 Example:

Colors from a brainless group of pre- and postposts to the spiritual state of 1936

The simply not the intellectual skillEquipers have their own opinion to form.

This hysteria is grown in the interniec's homogeneous groups of the Internet, sects, in which equal-switched critics mutually raising and swindling.

Of course, these poor people believe their world view would be the only true,

if one is exposed to constant indoctrination by like-minded people in which no criticism is admitted

Is the chopened nonsense at some point Subjective truth.

This is already evident in the saying "We are the people", who likes to be really loud, but not more correct.

The right-rear groups achieve about 9% at elections, the voters, which gives a protecting set

ofabout 91% "of the people" that do not support these boundary groups.

Fortunately for Germany, the AFD is as good as done.

The refugee stream is on the descendant, the authorities come to their work despite initial overburdening slowly their work and the chaos called by the AFD has largely failed.

German authorities sometimes work slowly but thoroughly.

Of course, that has noticed the AFD and is now trying to talk about creating new enemies in conversation, while she always drifts to the right of what many the protest voters, which are not all convinced Nazis, is scrapping.

At the latest when the return of many war refugees in their home countries burst the hate and envy agitation of the AFD like a bloated soap bubble.

I remember the war in Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Germany had recorded 350000 refugees that had to return after the war (also against their will) HTM

The AFD is entitled to insignificance purposefully.

It is simply the only topic, the influx of asylum seekers was brought through the clever and far-sighted policy of the Federal Government by international agreements

almost to the stand and in the country is the hoped for Chaos failed.

Who needs a party who has not offered the except hatred and hitting nothing?

In addition, they are slowImages (at least outwards democratic) staff and the second guard of this Politclowns

who are now trying to profile are mostly obvious Nazis.

Conclusion: The meaning-controlled center of the company, which has been chosen from protest AFD, is as a target group, It remains only to fish on the right. Kirk That depends on your personal point of view. Depending on what you want yourself politically and where you like, you have to look at the election program yourself and determine whether that's good or not. Something is a subjective decision I find. JMD who chooses the left has different opinions than a CDU voter. There is also a program not onlyFrom a point but from several. Look at everyone, see what you like and do not - cases then a decision. As with each party you will find things you like - and which not. Come on what you have more weight ... Lorraine Coming on what you hear ... In my opinion, she is a collecting pool for right-hand conservatives, legal populists, right-wing extremists, racists, anti-Semites, islamophobics, homosexual fines, spinners, transducers and empty penetrators and as such as useless

Is the AFD really as bad as you hear?