Single people forced thought?

2021-08-23 23:04:00 CINDY

Help: (

So I know that everything is real and you too (I hope, of course, on the other hand, there would be no sense), but nevertheless, I urge to urge such thoughts like:

"What if everything around you is just there, if you see it" or

"What if you are the only person"

And then I get stop Mega fear.: /

And does not say something like "Even if it was so, what would it change" - everything would change it. My complete view that everything I make for nothing is good if it is Only me, do you understand?

And I can not tell my psychotherapist, which knows me a ...

Thank you in advance for your hopefully helping answers: (


Good morning,

I too suffered from forced thoughts before treating myself. I was diagnosed with forced disorder and confirmed in writing.

With your therapist you can talk about it, but he is there. Not always something justifies a briefing, certainly not without yours.

Good improvement.


You are not the only person with obsessive disturbances.

I also have those and such thoughts are normal for the disease. Tell your therapist of it, because otherwise you can not help you. There you get rather hard again.

I have been in therapy for years and I'm doing better today.

And does not saySomething like "even if it was so what would change it" - everything would change. My complete view, that everything I do anyway for nothing is if it's just me, do you understand?

Yes, I understand. However, I wonder why it should not be possible to have different views at the same time. For me, this works at least apparently, depending on the situation, different assumptions prove to be beneficial.

(for example, it may be self-assured, to assume, certain actions made no difference, because from a philosophical point of view anyway, everything is void. )


Even if we live in the matrix, all around would be fiction, then there would be a fundamental problem: Why should be eggn beings or an organization created such a thing, with a single real living being in it? Logically, then you would also have to be fiction, so everyone would be the same.


Maybe it would be good if you speak to the psychotherapist about it. After all, they keep hearing such things and know each other.

Single people forced thought?