Masturbating in the same bed?

2021-08-24 03:01:00 SANTIAGO

I stayed at my best friend last my best friend. In the middle of the night I'll awake because the bed moves. I did not let me know and secretly watched. She sat satisfied next to me! Did not know how I should react and did not address it the next day. I find her pretty hot but she is just my best friend. Should I talk to her or ignore it? It's really complicated.


Wait until you do it again and then ask you to go to her.

But now have fun aside.

Whether you address that or that You do not have to know yourself because we know neither you nor your girlfriend you can not say anything flat-rate here.


Talk to it. More clearly it can not be anymore.


Talk to them and tell her that you were good


The stands on you, speak It on, say that you found it good or so and then pure in the Olga.

or sleep again and then tell her.


I have already done next to a friend. Had it been great if you had noticed it ...

Masturbating in the same bed?