What do you think about vaccinate?

2021-08-24 04:01:11 BRANDY

Moin, I would like to know what to do on the subject of vaccination.

Since her vaccinated? Do you want to vaccinate? Or do you think about it?

Write me would be really happy.

I would have myself directly vaccinated my parents: (

I Am already (with what) choose 74%

have concerns or what, on the other hand, Choose 26%

I want to vaccinate choose 0%

different ... Choose 0%


Although I am vaccinated but it has left my mark with me and I do not want to vaccinate in this situation (and my parents not) because I do not really know what's inside and there You have to order books or download books because in this text I can not do this now not all zsm what does it speak or vllt for it yes I do not know if that helps


Cross vaccine Astra + BionTech.

Do not need to test me anymore and have a pretty good protection against a heavy Covid course. This is the chance to return higher to the old life if more people are vaccinated.


Have my first vaccine (BIONTECH I think) and get my 2te vaccine on Thursday.


Treat you.

But I do not need it and do not bend people who hate me for my opinion

If you want something to stay steadfast and TU's. The same applies if you do not want something.

What do you think about vaccinate?