Thrombosis and MDMA?

2021-08-24 05:04:32 EARNEST

Hello I had an op on the leg exactly 2 weeks and have been taking an anti thrombosis crash since the daily. (Not there today) I can not take alcohol and nicotine what I have followed, but my girlfriend wanted to take MDMA with me today and we are uncertain whether this could interact with the effect of thrombosis and could cause any serious damage as a thrombosis. So I have to know if it is generally MDMA to take and if I should still take a thrombosis of thrombosis today. Please no Moralapostel answers the sensing that it is yes unhealthy because I know that myself already.

Thank you for your answers


Alk and nicotine dewater the body that could promote thrombosis shortly after an operation. Molly is pretty much the same ... would urgently advise against


I do not know the answer, but would do without it, because if you can not consume alcohol and nicotine, then probably everything Other, which is harmful to the body.


You can ask the doctor who has confidentiality.

Thrombosis and MDMA?