Why did Trump so much less success than the AFD?

2021-08-24 06:03:10 VICKIE

That's still there, he is forever away from the window.



The comparison lags.

A party exists, no matter if you enter elementary successes or not. A selected president usually does not remain so present.

This is a comparison that makes little sense!



He has significantly more success As the AFD. The AFD has so far been in no single state, let alone involved at the federal level in the government and stores in the surveys at 10 - 12%. Trump was elected in 2016 to the 45th President of the United States, 2020 he has only lost slightly against biders and because he is so popular, it would not be a great surprise if the Republicans rebuild him for the election 2024, where he was now 40% the votes certainlycould be.


Trump was preferable to prove his incompetence. At the AFD, the German people was more careful. Many are probably the last time in the bones.


With just under 50%, he was surprisingly successful. In addition, USA is a two-party system.


is not said that he will disappear from the public forever.

Why did Trump so much less success than the AFD?