What do you think about the low carb diet?

2021-08-24 06:12:15 SCOTT

I have increased on vacation and would like to slim!
What do you think about the low carb diet?

Or if you like another better alternative with the advice.


Nothing nothing, without carbohydrates lacks the sense of saturation and a one-sided nutrition carries health risks, too much proteins are not good for the kidneys, uric acid.

It still has FDH Proven, or the 16/8 variant, in which one eats only 8 hours.

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Well, every diet is on Pay attention to Lowkarb, that is, the noodles, bread, adjust sugar to minimum.

against vegetables and protein. And movement every day an hour.



If then Keto.

Only when the body does not get any carbohydrates, switches he on ketosis.

But also from Keto I do not stop much, keyword glycogenMemory.

But rather Keto instead of being in the deficit.

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Low Carb is good.
Many extreme vegan today always say, carbohydrates would be harmless and healthy and propagate a so-called "high carb" diet, as just vegan food like rice, (artificial) fruit, bread, noodles (without egg) has a lot of carbohydrates .. But these are usually the people who look older after a few years than they are either emaciated / informal or overweight, have concentration problems and are generally malnourished.

A balanced and healthy diet is mainly from proteins and Fat and little carbohydrates / sugar as possible. Many people take off through low carb because it's just the knockoutHenhydrates and the whole processed food is that makes thick and sluggish.
So much success and all the best


I tried for years. Modest results, but very tasty

What do you think about the low carb diet?