What do you all mean?

2021-08-24 15:01:50 LISA

What do you like most? I am also curious about your age.

Vaginal Choose 58%

Oral Choose 18%

Anal Choose 12%

Miscellaneous Choose 12%


It can be unbelievable. I like all species - vaginal, oral, anal.

or just petting. I like it when it starts with gentle kissing and always wild wild, you just let yourself be drifted from his desire and look what happens.

Btw .. Bin 28


The fish box is always the best sewing


I like to do everything from it.

But I like to start with petting, further with oral and then vaginal. Anal goes, preferably when I have my days. Since I am always very horny. My husband does not bother my blood, but I prefer to be anal.

But when I have sex, then it's mostly so that I just send it to me lAsse what happens. One thing leads to the other and so it goes on and so I prefer it.

W / 30


I like to take it if he understands me, and it comes about the tenderness to sex and if I am politically just oral


Everything together is best

What do you all mean?