Why are people on the Internet in Fakes and give access to your accounts?

2021-08-24 17:00:43 FRANKLIN

It's about a psychological experiment, how people deal with their privacy on the Internet.

Someone wanted to look at the Private Instagram profile from person X, but had no chance to be added to the friends list.

So a fake profile was created. With this fake profile, persons from the environment were first requested as friends.

The hairdressing salon in the village, the gym, the sports club and some people from the living environment, which had opened their profiles.

After that, the friends of these people were liked to get so that the fake profile has a considerable number Friends and clubs from the surrounding person had.

To date, nobody had questioned the fake profile and there were even peoplewho asked the fake profile for friendship.

The more friends the fake profile from the environment of the divided person, the more real friends of the person were requested and provided their profiles without queries.

until ultimately the targeted person himself wanted to be friends with the fake profile.

probably, since the person was proposed the fake profile as a friend of their own friends.

In this experiment, 90% of the requested the fake profile did not question the fake profile and smelled.

8%, for example, responded to friendly inquiries and 2% asked "Who are you, where do you know?".

How can it be that 90% of people are their profile to a fake profile Sharing without knowing this person?

Just because you believe that WEnn friend xy knows this profile, will be okay?

Or because people are vain and look forward to Likes and Followers?


How can it be that 90% of people release their profile to a fake profile without knowing this person?

You want to have many friends, defines themselves, wants to sell the outside, you know Hinz and Kunz and Krethi and Plethi and is important, announced, wants to show all and is a popular person; Facebook friends and followers in a sense act as an indicator of popularity. So some of my class were also on teenagers on it and took everyone at PartyFans.com (a primitive chat room from the Internet) everyone who sent them a request without verifying who that is. Whoever necessary so what is either immature or superficial, possibly both.
Or because people are vain and overLikes and followers are happy?

In principle, yes. Social networks are mostly pure self-acting and accordingly most participants want to stage themselves. As long as I was there (until 2019), the carelessness struggled straight older users of each description. Some things will also think ... Hach yes, God, soooo the world is not, that's not all nice inquiries, all half so wild. That Homer Simpson found it fair to give a credit card number to a speaking moose, is a gally satire, but so rare is certainly not.

I would be quite careful, especially for social networks (I'm not a Facebooker) ... and should actually set it so that sensitive data is only accessible to friends die you all really personally from school, profession and so on knows. Otherwise there's no something!

Only one example: Maybe the 15-year-old young pound from Mannheim in reality is a 50-year-old Delinquent from Ingolstadt, who only stayed on Naive girls? You do not know, but I would be careful.

Still one thing: someone who makes such a thing must have a lot of time to plan, control, moderate and maintain something - or he is simply interested in going through an experiment, if necessary for scientific purposes.


I believe that depends a lot from the persons. I think young people are more susceptible because it often comes to have many "followers" for them. who isNo matter, and what the impact has also.

I had a friend who was a few years younger, also N private profile had and there was very revised photos of them. And just always men - many have also been adopted from abroad. They have often sent very tasteless messages - what they have excited again. The relationship she has never really understood, or that she simply should not accept anyone.

You went to have many followers, and of which also get as many compliments as possible .... because SE yourself very much Uncertain felt in reality.


I also have N private profile, I always ask who the person is. I do not take anyone just like that ..


I think it expects someone to run such an effort, just to see what his friends see everything. For this, most of them are too unimportant.

Furthermore, they value the greatest possible damage low.

You write in the heading something from access to the accounts. In your description, however, it is only about being friendly.


I am someone where a person is constantly trying to join me with fake accounts, these have always been created , one sees that it is fake. My impression is, he or she wants to see, with whom I'm friends.

I'm not going on, because I'm sure who is behind it.

onePerson who does not stand himself and do not add me with their real account or lists, has no chance for me.

I think many do not bother to look at these accounts properly and can easily add.

In addition, whoever pleases his likes-to me information and friends list, it makes it easier for factors to create an account that has similar interests and so imminus confidence.



I find this experiment very interesting. Sounds like a bachelor thesis in the field of "Psychology"

It is really that, above all, the younger and inexperienced people do not know so well and nothing to think. Many are just important, as much as possibleIele "virtual" friends and to get like Likes. You just want to be known as easily as possible!

I e.g. Had me to register on Facebook many many years ago. But for me it was clear from the beginning that I would only take people to my friends list, which I know personally! The same applies to other programs!

Because with healthy sense and life experience, you should think about the dangers of the internet at least a little bit of thought. In this context, in this context, I remain in this context that here so many people about China's surveillance system complain, but in the same breath in Germany all their data in Zig apps and online pages "voluntary" reveal!