How much should a man having sex ejaculate?

2021-08-24 17:04:04 LYLE

What would be ideal for you?

little choose 33%

Medium Choose 22%

Much Choose 22%

Extremely Much Choose 22%


If child wish is there: a lot.

Otherwise, it would be better if there was little to swallow or what's going on out of one out of one (we are preventing with pill).


Much is always nicer who complains about the mess is easy to get something like that you just get clean, well if you only take a piece of handkerchief, of course, not is also unhygienic, the more all the more Better the coming :)


The less the less the effort or the acidic one then.


It's what it is . The crowd does not matter. In my view, women do not make their selection dependent on the sperm quantity.

A woman told me she feels when the man in her sumpT. But she did not say that it is particularly pleasurable when that is a decent charge.


is always individual, as long as you do not split the whole room everything should be good.

How much should a man having sex ejaculate?