Computer scientist or policeman?

2021-08-25 01:03:24 TYRONE

I can not decide between these professions.Which would you take and why?

Is one of them easier?


Likewise conditioned, I have a lot to do with computer science, and know the high demands on this profession to genuine! - That's why I think the profession of a poor's is easier.


Ask you first, if you would create the approval test at both ... I do not want to stalk that But the sports test in the police should be quite demanding (also for real sports cannons) and in computer science it will then just be tricky from the 2nd semester, if you are just as halfway interested ...

Therefore: Find somehow out what probably excited you in the long run ...

Sorry that I have no real advice


I have the same FRA a few days agoGe made, wow. So as a computer scientist, you can divide your time in certain jobs and earn more, but sits in front of the screen. As a police officer, you have a lot of variety, cares for law and order, but have predetermined working hours that you can not choose and have also work on public holidays, also merit less than an computer scientist. The way to the police is too, as far as I heard, is very difficult.


I would record the work of the computer scientist.

However, this is because I already have my education to the artist behind me: D


Hello, basically only you can say what makes it easier for you, I can only tell you what to the police. There you canyes also work in the technical field as well as there is very exciting because you never know what to come to you on a new working day.

Greetings, Gamer421.

Computer scientist or policeman?