Will she pregnant now?

2021-08-25 03:02:03 MELVIN


I know the question could sound something absurd but I'm not out of my head for hours.

I ged me a picture (without aid like lubricant).

When I came, I wiped the sperm of the acorn path and washed it down the toilet.

But I have a guilty conscience because I'm not sure if on the wardrades a track was.

Directly 2 minutes later, my mother has used the toilet and I have somehow fear that I had somehow pregnant by it.

I hope to see someone who knows me calmly .


Alone will not be pregnant!

A woman can only become pregnant at its fertile days when sperm with enough seed fluid reaches directly into its vagina (usually with sexual intercourse) or if They become active and still fresh and moist and in sufficient quantity at least to the vaginal input.

Sperm are extremely sensitive. They are only in their fluid movement and survival and die in the air in a few minutes.

in the water die sperm immediately. They are no longer moving, because their liquid mixes too much with the water.

Sperms can not climb, do not jump, do not jump and hike along not along the body andDo not come "somehow" in the woman.

In the bathroom (whether on the toilet, in the shower or in the bath), your mother can only become pregnant if she has sex with a man there.

All the best for you!


Houbled you are best to have handkerchiefs nearby then you do not need a heart attack anymore in such a situation. Sure is certainly NUH? :)


No, you did not preach them, alone, because a vagina normally touches the wobblies ...



OMG. Does your mother usually slip with the vagina over the wobblies or wipes it with his finger over and then leads him on? Then she could swing from youhe will.

Josh No.

Will she pregnant now?