Good program for however?

2021-08-25 03:03:41 OLIVE


I am looking for a (if possible free) Cut program. Do you recommend?

PS: My videos take about 11min if you need the info.


The question is, of course, what you imagine under "good".

A very simple video editing program would be avidemux. While this does not look Flashy, but makes his job.

If you think more about a larger program towards Adobe Premiere, then you can see Hitfilm Express. You only need a user account.


Davinci Resolve or Shotcut


Davinci Resolve is free and professional


Shot Cut is by far the best.


Shotcut is super cool. Best program for weak PCs of all kinds, does his job, no bugs, for free, everything runs flawlessly.

If you have complex color gradingthen want to get around on Davinci Resolve, but it needs good hardware.

If you want to make a good video editing and spend money for that, then take Adobe Premiere Pro that's N Super Video Editing Program.

Good program for however?