My new friend feeds me?

2021-08-25 04:00:50 YOLANDA

I have been a new friend for 2 months. He always wants to eat with me almost food, so have increased a lot lately. I am no longer satisfied with my stomach if I address my friend on it, he only takes over in my Spek and kneads him. In his opinion, I have the perfect belly. He even makes sport but I should not do any because otherwise my stomach can run. I do not trust myself to tell him that I do not want to do that otherwise else does he sometimes separate from me.

He tell him that I do not want to choose 85%

Continue Fat Choose 15%


If you no longer want that then that's your decision he does not have to shake. If you actually want to stay together with him, you may come to an agreement. That you may eat almost food once a week. But your own well-being should be more important than its convenience.


I'll appreciate he accepted as you are and for him it is not as important as your body looks. But you can just decide what you do yourself. Then I just stop no food and just do sports.


You have two options. Continue to please him and ruin your health or tell him that you are the NICht. I would do the latter.


Separate you, you are not owned. Do you want to get sick and die through your diet?


Links just look much better .. and who do not like themselves themselves then change it! And who your "friend" does not accept it directly.

My new friend feeds me?