Can your dog something special?

2021-08-25 05:05:48 ANGELO

Can your dog about tricks / commands that are useful and "rare"?

Here's something to my bitch:

  • On my command "Close", she hears Until dissolution on no command, of nobody, even not from me. That's what I have introduced so that you will not be stolen when I have to go in the city where you must not clean with. Then I turn this command and it remains usually rigid or lay down. Of course, this does not last for the course of the tour of dogs. I can dissolve the command with "Sushi". Please do not ask, have something clear and understandable where nobody comes on it
  • Without a command, it stays in front of the door, is very useful if you aremade dirty, then I can first prepare the shower or biscuits in front of the door
  • on the command "Up" she climbs on trees, it can depend on how many branches on the tree are up to 3 meters climbing up. But let me do it only 2 meters high climbing, just fear I find myself helpful because your frisbee has often been held in trees in trees, and I'm not there anymore

That's what it was already possible Your dogs so extraordinary?


One of my bitches always helps independently to unload my car after a purchase. She comes in the entrance, can be a bit into the mouth and wears it in the kitchen, where she stores it on the bench. Then she looks out again and brings the next part.


He could get his toys and distinguish his toys on the garden on orders, had the popo wiped up on command (because Knicktschwanz) and on command "Guardian" he would have defended me against everything that came to the door, until death, by choosing the attacker either to death, satisfied or eaten.

PS: Was an English bulldog. My heart, my darling. R.I.P.


I open onePack of Bacon, he is fast as the flash in the kitchen; -)))


Yes, he lives

Can your dog something special?