Did I see my deceased grandpa?

2021-08-25 06:01:00 GLENN

When I was about 8 to 9 years old I was one day with my grandma, my grandfather was already dead at that time. So I was with my grandma she went briefly in the supermarket for about 20 minutes, I was alone at home It was winter and pretty dark outside. When I walked to the bathroom and I stood Floor I looked in to the bedroom and saw a figure about the size of my grandfather in a gray suit from the bed, I ran away and hid my grandmother, assured my grandma Me that it was only imagination, but I am until today (15) sure it was my grandpa.


There are things in life that are unfathomable.

A working colleague was in the night service - it was alone on the department in the clinic - from the telephone number of about half a year Called the deceased working colleague in the middle of the night - the conversation accepted they heard them only undefinable noises, then the connection was disconnected. The colleague was irritated and scared. When she calmed down again, she called the number back - there only came "This number is not awarded" ... somehow scary something alone at night - even if you are of course sucking something out of your fingers, which was probably ...


I'm sure there are inexplicable things, so can your storyE already vote.

Did I see my deceased grandpa?