What is the name of the anime?

2021-08-25 06:03:22 DONALD

Where does the character on one side have red and on the other white hair? And if I start with animes, you could recommend me or another?


I would like to recommend a few animes of pair categories

Love Drama: A Silent Voice ~ Shouya Ishida is the class clown and has already made a name for itself in his classmates and teachers. As the hearing impaired Shouko Nishimiya changes to his school, it does not take long until he and his troops have found a new victim for their teasing and getting brutal expansion. As once again one of Shoukos expensive Cochlea implants "disappear," their mother finally demands that something changes. Due to the severity of the bullying and the cost of implants, the teaching chamber and the school management are in turmoil and a guilty is quickly found: Shouya. To escape the bullying, Shouko changesAgain the school and shouya, who was left and left by his previous buddies, is set up alone as he is now the victim of any mobbing. So he grows up, alone and with nothing but hatred for all strangers and those who fell soingly in his back. But he learned from his mistakes and now tries to revoke his earlier untaps: he works in part-time next to the school to reimburse his mother's cost of Shoukos implants and he helped to ask Shouko quite officially to quarrel. However, the way to forgiveness is long and stony - especially if you never forgiven yourself ...

Fightcomedy: One Punch Man ~ Saitama is a hero who has become fun to hero only.After a special training, he has become so strong that he is practically invincible. However, his skills seem to frustrate him, as he no longer felt the thrill and the excitement to lead a hard fight. This leads him to question his desire for force, which leads him to an existential crisis.

Horror: Magical Girl Site ~ Aya is credically abused daily at school and at home, but her tragic fate takes one Tip as a page, Mahou Shoujo Site, appears on the screen of your computer and welcomes you in the world of Mahou Shoujo. Furthermore, the page provides your a bar, which is the next day in your spind. Pushed into the corner of their torments, she does not seeOther way out than the use of the rod. But her action has unexpected consequences with dramatic consequences.

Thriller: Angels of Death ~ When the 13-year-old Rachel awakens, she finds himself again in the basement of an abandoned building. She lost all her memories and do not know where she is. When she is lonely and dazed by the building, she meets a mysterious boy who presents himself as a zack. He wears a sickle like that of a Senseman with himself and his entire body is wrapped in associations. Between Zack and Rachel, there is a strange bond and together try to escape, from the building in which they both are trapped.

Romanticcomedy: Kaguya-Sama: Love is ~ on the Shûchiin Academy GEat only the most brilliant students. The hopes of the world rest on them. One day, the Vice President of the Student Council Kaguya Shinomiya meet and the President Miyuki Shirogane in the student office. It seems as if they have fallen together ... But six months later everything is still at the old! Both are blinded by their own pride and only look for a way to bring each other to the first to confess the feelings. The war has begun!


Hope that helped you! Until then :)


This is Shoto Todoroki from Boko No Hero Academia, or My Hero Academia in English.

The anime is nice for between, quite a lot of comedy, but also MAl exciting. Is not 10/10, but if you have nothing else, he is not a disappointment.

On my scale, he would be a 6 out of 10, and everything over 5 out of 10 can be done well with my taste.


Character: Shoto Todoroki

Anime: My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia

Character: Shoto Todoroki


The anime with the boy is called My Hero Academia

What is the name of the anime?