Autism / Anfstaltungen?

2021-08-25 06:05:51 ARTHUR


I hope you can somehow help me with my problem, I am autistic and have Mega problems express me.

My biggest problem which is already accompanied by my childhood is my fear that can occur in bond with stress, cardiac wounds, high pulse or nickeability and diarrhea. What I have just made for exams or other things. And not proud of it, unfortunately it is.

Every time something new in my life is starting to get to know the driver's license, a new workplace, new people, or finally with the train , or take bus to help myself for myself to see something for himself not only to see their own city, fails to this one point.

And me, waEvery night in my welded bed and can not come back to rest.

I've already tried thousands of things like the best tablets for the best sleep to allow for my anxiety to affect my urgency, At least one night to sleep properly and not always woke up every time something, be it the way to my BFD or something else.

I've already read the special medications, for example, in the driving testing anxiety should have something to be read, but also have read disadvantages that the fatigue can occur with every drug, which does not work well while driving like anyone, do not have a good effect On the distress.

Does not any advice that can help.Be it tablets or something else just what could improve sleep to not think about this a problem about it.

I hope you can understand me and can help me anywhere

Thank you.


This was rather as if you had a PTBS (post-traumatic stress disorder).

I can only advise you to go in psychological treatment, or to go straight into a clinic. There you will test you on PTBS.

From 01.01.2022 the ICD-11 enters into force. In ICD-10, the complex post-traumatic stress disorder (KPTS) is also listed.


So I can advise you on mindfulness meditation. Is difficult to learn a lot of training.

But even if you do not achieve a high level now, the technique can help just get this initial stress at checks at all not to get up to cook so upstairs.

Autism / Anfstaltungen?