Business idea: freezer with chilled trash can?

2021-08-25 06:06:25 GERARDO

So far we were always slaves from our trash can. Paper and plastic does not bother any but the biomüll forces us to regularly bring the trash. Biomüll catches up after a while :-(.

My solution now! A freezer with chilled trashbin. Now you have to go down only once a week. The whole biomull is red-frozen and neutralized the smell.

The idea has come to me because I have been the biomull in the lowest subject for some time, that was always empty: -).

How would you find that when the bucket would be directly grown?

Bad idea, because ... Choose 55%

Super idea Choose 45%




It would be a little sustainable waste to cool, it takes unnecessarily space away and I would find it unhygienic.

Even if it would be a completely separate area, possibly shimmer so even before it freezes no spores can transfer to the good rest, I would find it disgusting waste directly next to good food.


This is a superide! If I want to freeze potato, carrot, cabbage, celery, etc. shells, and later together in the pot again ... this is a perfect base for a delicious vegetable soup! That's sustainability! Thanks for the tip.


... bring my garbage out every day!

BEtonung on "out" and not "down"! ^^ + GG

Incidentally, my biomullue I throw on my compost heap in the garden behind the house!

From the fridge is far too small! Make the 3x so big and then we'll talk! ; -)


In principle, a good idea but it is also

  • Energy waste
  • Space waste
  • Additional waste bags?
  • Supports laziness and is moving inhibiting
  • is rarer to the fresh air


. ... energy-consuming cooling of waste A childish Nutellaide is (an adult would have thought of this nonsense, it would be a schnappidee).

Business idea: freezer with chilled trash can?