Will it give a 4th or 5th corona vaccine, etc if so, will you be vaccinated?

2021-08-25 07:01:01 DELIA

There should be a third

No matter how many, I whistles everything purely choose 58%

I reject the vaccine completely from Choose 42%

I'm up already from the 2 vaccinations bad choose 0%

In it

that you are vaccinated 3 times not unusual. You may not have to vaccinate every few months or after a few years, either.

Hep is 3 times, flu a year, rabies, rabies is 3 times before and 2-3 times after exposure and keeping them from exposure only A few years.

List can still be well expanded.


First of all, the studies have to wait for how long because the vaccinations hold. You have to distinguish between healthy people and people with weak immune system. Then it should be looked at whether a 3. vaccine makes sense or whether this applies to all.

I am twice in vaccinated and if you can vacate the 3rd time then I will do that. But first of all, I'll do it about itNo thoughts, because I am vaccinated just under 2 months.


When turns out that a third dose or a variant adaptive useful sense, I would let me give me. Also refreshments every few years would be no problem. An annual vaccination as in the flu I do not yet see, coronaviruses are not so convertible.

However, it is urgent to offer 2 doses of all sanctuaries.


If my immune system needs the refresher it will also get to be fit.


I suppose once it will run as in the flu vaccine, once a year.

Will it give a 4th or 5th corona vaccine, etc if so, will you be vaccinated?