Herden immunity not reachable due to delta variant. Was everything meaningless?

2021-08-25 07:03:54 MABEL

Or are we vaccinated now every 6 months?

In any case, the writes https://en.euronews.com/2021/08/19/deutschland-munvogen-Strazzeneca-impfbod-Delta Variant Cross vaccine herd immunitat


That's cheap panicmaking again.

In the worst case, the vaccine would have to be adapted.

But that is (yet) not necessary.

https://www.br.de/nachrichten/wirtschaft/biontech-zu-corona-imppe-der-new-bee-partung-an-neue-Varianten-noetig ,SB4LawA

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Herden immunity Not achievable due to delta variant.

Jein a herd immunity I ST with aerosolane coverage difficult to achieve. But this has nothing to do with Delta but with mutations in general. Especially but with the contagion of Covid through the air. Was everything pointless? NO ; Comparisons Simply the number of new infections with severe progressions andStay on the intensive care unit at the beginning and mid-year. That would probably be far crass without vaccination with Delta. Bergamo everywhere. Or will we now be vaccinated every 6 months? possible , but is not finally investigated. The current study situation is that the immune response decreases earlier with increasing age. This leads to depravings in the highly advanced first vaccinated. Is like other vaccinations as well. And very useful. But where is the problem? Grippe is also new every year, tetanus, pneumococci etc after a few years need a refresher. Last: Herden Immunity due to Delta variant . Was everything meaningless? Or we will now aLure newly vaccinated for 6 months? The question sets a contrast between herd immunity meaninglessness and refresh vaccination. This is completely illogical. The things have nothing to do with each other. And sorry that sounds a bit squeezed. Must once view your profile Gustavo No, was not everything pointless. Each further vaccination still protects people's lives, even if no herd immunity ( ) is achieved. Jessie Only if you want. Otherwise you have to live with restrictions. Freedom is very important in Germany.

Herden immunity not reachable due to delta variant. Was everything meaningless?