Fully sweaty after masturbation?

2021-08-25 11:01:17 REBECCA

Is it normal?


Hey, yes sure it's (normal) or corresponds to the norm when masturbating a bit more efforts, the environment may be a little warmer and maybe on a mattress, ceiling, pillows etc. lying, sitting etc. and not on NHM cool ground.

Of course, there is always on how long you masturbate and how I said with what intensity.

So yes it can be if what I mentioned above applies to you to sweat to sweat, must But not!


Yes and no.

Can not, but it does not have to.

However, you have probably very strained and a few More calories consumed

is normal, if it was a bit more intense.

No reason to be scaredEN, only a reason for showering.


That happens to me when the temperature is over 30. Then, otherwise no, should not, unless you strictly strict yourself and want to get it down in 2 minutes.


The pulse increases, it is not uncommon that one sweats

Fully sweaty after masturbation?