COVID vaccine: Is the vaccine identical for first and second vaccination?

2021-08-25 17:01:55 KARL

Content and composition are meant. If both times the same manufacturer is chosen. Or are there differently marked ampoules for initial and paybuilding?

And what about the sooner third or booster vaccination?

identical choose 90%

not identical CHOOSE 10%


As a rule, the vaccine is identical in both vaccinations. But it can also be used different vaccine. My daughter was vaccinated with Astra and then later with Biontech.


You have the vaccine used in the vaccine pass.

If the two ident is displayed except for batch number, it is the same vaccine. A special labeling for first and spice does not exist according to my knowledge.

However, there are at least studies in which persons were vaccinated with 2 different vaccines.

For the booster vaccination at the time at the time at the time You will receive it depending on the latest research status can also contain a custom vaccine.



If you can make the vaccinations with biontech, for example, the composition is identical, merely not from the same ampoule.

Subsequent reversals, or refresh vaccinations could be adapted to new mutations Therefore, probably not identical, otherwise.

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of my Knowledge are the doses different only in Russian Sputnik.



As far as I know, there is a difference only at Sputnik V:

At first and second vaccination, different vector viruses are used here: Disability-Symptoms/infectivity Diseases/CoronavirUS / Vaccine Sputnik V-Questions and Answers-769933.html

All other preparations are only available in a version.

Besides, I have heard that mRNA - - Copy vaccines could be adapted quite quickly to mutant pathogens, which may be possible to the booster vaccination. Currently, there are no adjustments yet.

COVID vaccine: Is the vaccine identical for first and second vaccination?