Relationship with psychologically diseased?

2021-08-25 19:01:16 LAWRENCE

Would you take a relationship with a psychic diseased person?

I have the impression I will not be well true because of my disease, and do not trust me to enter into a relationship. That pulls me very down and worsens my situation even more.


If you want that, I have that for eight years and even if it is not always easy, I never regretted it. Although I came up with a social worker or life coach sometimes, but on the other, true love does not mean that it is always easy, but that it's worth the effort - that's our motto - and we'll get everything smooth while ironing.

My wife has mental psychic - non-depressed problems through family problems, it is the youngest of three girls, and was probably hard-to-ressed by her mother because the two older sisters were fighting and her as the The smallest could not do it yet - and after eight years, I can also with her through professional events at this levelRightly say that always any "black shadow" remains based on these whole experiences. But we are well caught well, are a good team - that's all more or less basic.

But there is a lot on a self - I am a durable, lenient person who can endure a lot and was recommended But to become educators or child psychologist or primary school teachers. Also through its own very drastic and partially human abolish experiences in the profession, I can handle many things, do not pack others and am able to understand them or to press one and a half eyes. That works well with us. A drowsome, squash, all exactly taking care that is not really "strong" and has problems with itWould probably not come up with her or become insane at its side within a short time, but we both create it somehow.

If both can work in themselves and are stable and confident enough, the flaps can. I do not say that because that sounds nice, but because I have the best example of the best example that it can work - if both are ready to close even compromises.

With the years, it is always better and learns what touches the other deep in his innermost and help himself and help his partner when the sky collapses. Meanwhile, for example, I also know why she ever dreamed of my Doctured buddy Herbert or treated with lace fingers. As a gas stationN-leaners with rather louder (but heartfelt) and baked nature and some of the joke, he probably reminded them too much about the milieu, from which she comes from and from which they flee to her, when she studied. At that time, I evaluated her behavior to him as a pure arrogance, meanwhile I know, there is much more behind it. She did not want to talk about it, when it came to Herbert and I wanted to know what she bothers him - only I did not know it then and could not make me a rhyme. But she could only explore about Herbert and other topics when she has been stable enough.

Your environment from which it comes home partially from such people and must have left deep pain traces, in which then, among other things, my master and LAUT occurring buddy Herbert full of cleanstitch. But you have to feel all that first - and until then, it is often a way that does not everyone can endure and, with which I honestly ad hoc does not know if I would go again. Probably because they were worth it. With my wife, I always knew, even when we have been temporarily separated because of other things (which were pure misunderstandings in series), that she has a good character and it's worth it because we just fit together and maybe we're looking for " And found "have and the future can have. It has to have had a reason why we were so close after a short time, although we both are not very sociable outside family and friends.

But it StiMMT already, if someone has untreated psychic problems in a relationship and that is constantly showing itself somehow, even with banal gestures in everyday life. And I would not really really want to really want that, despite my own experience, tranquility and strength, and "strength". And I can not understand that, that's not selfish - you have to think of yourself, otherwise you go on it yourself or risks that you have to go to the consultation for yourself and has grown noteworthy mental health problems - Altruism is not all and It is certainly not knighlich or honorable, if you only from compassion with someone or to say to say "I am with a depressive lying and take care of me so well around the". Because the trust meSome really to whom I know - as I said, since I've learned about the years ago and learned more and better my wife over the years and also realized how much crap and half-knowledge about the topic as well as worse to disabled in circulation, Is this an irritant topic for me.

Especially a Meanwhile has helped us 87-year-old close friend, which has been married for 50 years with a mentally seriously diseased woman and cares with remarkable love and care for her. Through the two we have learned a lot and probably I would go with my wife too such a heavy way, because I know how much I have on her, how much you gives me and how much I can rely on you despite all circumstances , even if it sometimesis exhausting. How was that - real love does not mean that it is always easy, but that it's worth the effort.


Always attracted. What it is, how pronounced it is, and if the other has it under control. Mental problem, which are not under control, are also a problem for the partner over time. Until then, that you need help yourself.


Relationships are always a giving and take. A mentally ill person needs a lot of attention, and the Giving remains external needs with its emotional needs.

I worked in psychiatry, and it happened that carers entered a relationship with a sick woman. That never held.

In no case should one pity a pitySuch relationship are received.


Hey .. dare if you have someone, do not miss the people of your life :)) Together you can manage much more than lonely. No matter which illness one has, everyone has as right to a relationship .. :)) And everyone finds someone, no one is very healthy in today's society

But if you absolutely know the relationship nothing for you are then Always say it open and honestly ..


If the person is in therapy, has a lot of self-reflection and and certain toxic coping mechanisms or symptomatics do not exist, I do not exclude that.

Who is mentally ill and never was in therapy / does not work on itself around which is made a big bow

Relationship with psychologically diseased?