Am I a protest voter in that case?

2021-08-25 19:04:18 HAROLD

I do not say Scholz and his policy.

I say Lashet and his policy even less.

I do not want to talk about the Annalena.

None of the three is that I would say: yes, the man or the woman or diverse it has it and has earned my voice.

Therefore, I choose the Marxist Leninist party. It's not great either, but I do not currently see a good alternative.

Am I then a protest selector?

Protest voters. CHOOSE 62%

No protest selector. Choose 38%


Everything alright. Make that quiet.

I find the 3 selection candidates you have enumerated, all completely wrong. Would not choose anyone of it.


If everything does not like it, you can also invalid your voice. My parents do not like them, because they do not want to give them away and they do not want to give away the voice.


Protest voters is my understanding of someone who normally supports party A already supporting a certain decision Not good and the party wants to miss a fools by choosing party b this time. As you describe it is rather so that you stop the party, which is still closest to you, even if you are not knockingMplett with your views.


The election system here is a period and contradicts all urides of democratic co-determination.

The (estimated) half of all voters does not work because pretty much all promises before the elections are very soon dissolving in air, and no one has the opportunity to demand them (at least in the next 4 years) .

Of the half, which may vote, the majority is not right for something (possibly a passable election program), but awards the voice of a particular political force so that it does not get the other.

And some democracy apologists want to carry these "" democracy "into the world, consider them as the nonplusultra menscHellful communities, meckers in a sheary manner about states that see this differently and consider this current monkey theater before the federal election as "full Nomaal"!


You are a voter that Voice of the party gives the best choice in his eyes. A protest voter chooses a party that makes the exact opposite of his desired party.

Am I a protest voter in that case?