Do you think you can live emotionless, so really just be cold?

2021-08-25 23:01:07 MARYANN

I mean our actions already depends on emotions. But what if we just act with mind and do not use rationally and otherwise emotions.


Hello soulReaper123,

Every human being is different. There are very emotionless people and people with very many emotions that are also very empathetic.

I do not think of my skin.

Adjustment does not work in the long run anyway.

Either one is very cold and emotionless, or not.

I could and would not want to live without emotions.


people need emotions so feelings, without love and suffering people become ill. By the way, dogs also - where dogs want to be loved and do everything to please the owner. In humans it is different: people have to have something that loves. So something for which life is worth it, everything canBeing: The partner, the dog, the children, the house, the work, a collecting passion, the sport, .... one should only be careful that you do not exaggerate it.


Okay, after prospecting my last answer has incomprehensibly deleted my last answer, I try it again:

Psychopats live completely without emotions and are therefore so dangerous. So it's already possible, but I do not know if you really want to or if you can just do that at all.

And so that my answer is not deleted again, I hang a wiki entry about psychopathy.


This is a personal decision, whether you can or not - You betOne can live as a partner with such a person or not.

But emotions are not a prerequisite for a happy life. You can also be guided by logic if you do not exclude the healthy sense.

And by the way: I know extrests who have a lot of emotions, show them and thus bypassing them. So please no generalizations.


Yes that can be determined that is probably difficult to live

Do you think you can live emotionless, so really just be cold?