Delicious dessert for two people?

2021-08-26 00:10:23 VERNA

A buddy and I want to meet the days, because his hobby is cooking and my baking we made out that he cooks and I'm doing a dessert / coiling

However, we are only two, which is why For example, a whole cake would be much too much

Do you have ideas that you could do well in smaller portions?

It should best not be too difficult to transport or easily break and can be a bit more complicated, thank you: D


would recommend something like that, with delicious vanilla sauce, with apple slices and chocolate crushes


Brownies or Muffins / Cupcakes. These are many individual portions that you do not have to bring all, but only a bit of you both, and you can distribute the remaining muffins to other friends and family.

Good appetite!

Edit: These are great here. Even tested.


Great idea of ​​you!

You can also make cup cake.

are smaller and easier to transport.


A small flat key with a delicious TiRamisu ...


Small Hedezopf

Delicious dessert for two people?