Why are most people to be small than today?

2021-08-26 00:10:49 JUANITA


In earlier times, people had to work much harder physically and it remained less time to rest.

In addition, it was not as much high quality protein as available today - this is important for the growth.

Both reasons when they meet, are particularly dramatic in children: lacks sufficient in the growth phases Good food and then there is still child labor, leaves the lasting tracks, which are no longer compensated with the best conditions afterwards.


Due to the diet. Often you can also see big lords with your smaller subjects on old reliefs. Of course, this was also artistic freedom to flatter the client but factualAt that time, poor people were partly smaller due to malnutrition partly smaller.


The size of the people has a lot to do with the diet. An abundance like today rule in earlier times. In long-term studies, it has been found that in poor villages in Mexico, people were measurably smaller during long-lasting malnutrition.


Hard physical work of early childhood, 7-day week Up to 14 hours a day, too little sleep, not constantly be fitted, depending on the century of poor housing options, no heating sources in winter.


Because we are far more evaluating today - and Medical progress is also involved!

Why are most people to be small than today?