Ipad school?

2021-08-26 00:12:02 CHERYL

Hello, today we have ipads at school (but are quite limited). I wanted to create an Apple ID because a friend said, if I use my old ones, that the teachers can watch my photos from mobile phone? Is that true and if so, what if I have a new new one now, the lers can then see my photos etc from the iPad?

And we can not download apps nor arrange them differently or the Change background. Is there any way to change that?


I am also Apple users and sometimes change devices and can tell you: your photos will not get there if you do not load a complete backup on it. If it should come for other reasons (iCloud etc.) then you can also unsubscribe again and the photos may delete only from the device.


So our teachers said you said you just have the opportunity to see what we are doing right now , but they only do very rare (with us at least)

Course could be theoretically listed, but no IT management of a school Take the time and makes something like that.

You can set that only you can use apps that you have preinstalled.

I do not know that with photosImmediately, but of my knowledge would not be legal if you just look at it


Create a new one for safety. This is Education Software, customized. Teachers may probably even see how often their apps have used. And query data of the apps.

Ipad school?