Opinion of the Star Wars Sequels (Episode 7-9)?

2021-08-26 01:02:45 DELLA

So yesterday I have once again considered Episode 9 half and noticed how bad the simple is, as well as Episode 8, Episode 7 starts well but in Episode 8 is just destroyed everything and Episode 9 has made it just as bad in my opinion after, it is not only the logic but above all the imasalness of the films, eg I do not want to sound like a fan theorist now but if Snoke Darth would have been more sense and tension, as just to kill Snoke and it's on End of the Emperor, Wow, also destroys the whole legend about Darth Vader that because he has fallen the Emperor (actually) no real hero in the end is more, horrible. The best was the explanation as the Emperor has come back "He isTook somehow returned "to puke

Nothing is contributed to the old parts but simply new planets that do not know a pig,

Time are feigned and in the next scene they are not death ,

Luke is displayed in the 8th part as a dedicated old man, battles are copied again from old films, simply total garbage,

Part 7 was really fit, it is really copied by episode 4 Nevertheless, one has a solid action, a new beginning, but which is completely destroyed from episode 8

How to fountain the films, may like to comment! :)


The films had good approaches that were unfortunately dropped quickly. For this you just realize how it does the films Kaput makes that no red thread was present and no structure has come into this trilogy. Optically, however, they are very well done.

In total, I find them as bad as the prequals (1-3) even if they have other strengths and weaknesses.


I just use the movies:

Episode 7: 4

Episode 8: 3-

Episode 9: 2-


If it really went to me, I would not count them in the Skywalker saga. They have no pale shimmer of Star Wars, do not understand the basic principles of history, which is why they held it for something goodAben to write the sequels. The only thing she brought was profit and lots of criticism.

Here are videos that go into the detail:

Opinion of the Star Wars Sequels (Episode 7-9)?