What shall I do?

2021-08-26 04:05:21 OLGA

I'm just a desperate in life, I really do not really know how to take it best to get better.

That's the way I've never really had many friends with me For over 4 years, I had even led to zero social contacts outside the work and the family. Meanwhile, I try to meet someone from the work once a week, he's the only one I could call a friend, we meet mainly for an hour to run, I would meet more often with him unfortunately he is in the other Layer, so we also see each other very rarely.

Only where do you learn best new people? Would like to be in nice company, maybe walk to a date, had in my entire LJust never had a date or led a relationship. Even wants to go on a double rate with my best buddy, which will probably never happen.

That's what I am strange and strange and I can not handle the social pressure at all. Social skills are not really available. It was already in a psychotherapist because of my depression, meanwhile, he has set me only to the waiting list, which can take up to over a year until I get a therapy place. What is totally "super". Honestly, do not know how I should survive it best.

It's just so strain that sometimes I did not dare to address certain people. What like a red thread through my whole life zieHT. In retrospect, I regret it, it always gets to me. But I just want to be happy and live a lifetime life. Apparently, life is just what the rich and beautiful is made.

I just do not believe that I'm still ready for anything in life. Just want to just give up. Unfortunately, I'm too weak, unfortunately I am also a Vollidiot who always does things that I feel better, I maybe just stop with it. Last week I even started with the mountain bike, is pretty funny.


Hello, I'm sorry that you have a wait for such a long time, but that is not uncommon ...

  • But there are also different ways to look for professional help. You could use these offers for bridging the waiting time if you want.
  • For example, there are also counseling centers, often here are also trained psychotherapists on site and the employees are professional, there is also a confidentiality and advice is often free.

You could even go there without the knowledge of your parents, if you want, they do not have to come along.

These consultations can also be very helpful.

  • There are these advice centersi - by the Diakonie or Caritas.

https://www.caritas.de/hilfeundberatung/onlinberatung/allgemeine-sozial-beratung/ addresses

https: // Help .diakonie.de /

  • Also, there is the number against grief you could use.


  • There are also other offers, such as the crisis chat. There you can chat around the clock with professional people.


  • Also, there is the possibility to get advice online.


I wish you all the best!


That's KlasSe, with the moutain bike.

Friendships can not be enforced. There is simply patience, helpfulness and friendliness in demand. I feel that everything is not difficult.

Just listen attentively. Recognize his achievements and avoid competing thinking. Today, most people are crass egoists and therefore it is actually very difficult to find a friendship. But let go and do not give up!


It's good when you start new things. So you can test if you are something for you and can bring you advantages or not.

Continue so and try everything possible. At some point you will find the contact you desire.

What shall I do?