Why do not I develop feelings with him?

2021-08-26 05:01:16 ELIZABETH

So it is so that I usually develop for everything and everyone immediately feelings, if they have talked only once nice with me Haha: D

However, I have never had a relationship yet for 2 months now With a boy something. We meet regularly but here it is actually for the first time so that I do not develop strong feelings. So I like him really and also like to meet him with him and somehow I can imagine something with him, but I did not have this extreme "in love-his-feeling" how else I felt at everyone.


It's that you really like him as a friend, but he is not the boy with which you want to spend your whole life. This is completely normal and everyone here, I'll think, will you confirm this.

(Of course, you could also ask him if he could imagine something with you and then you could try it and if Then you think that's nothing right, or it will not stop it, then you actually have your answer).

Of course you can then be friends then.

I hope I could help you.


Hi frida1204,

Maybe this is "butterflies in the belly" if you understand what I mean, just because you have previouslyNever had a more serious relationship. It was probably this feeling for something you were curious and had not yet reached. Would not leave the guy again or just because this feeling is not there. As long as you do not start, feel unwell or nothing in his proximity I believe that's ok. Also comes to how old you are because if you are younger then that can be that you have so always and with "everyone" feelings if someone says something nice. You should only be sure that this is not rooted in that you have never received from related people properly or something like that.

Hope that helps you (but I'm not a pulse skoy, please leave you not only on this statement non-experts.)


Why do not I develop feelings with him?