Heritage unknowingly started?

2021-08-26 06:05:28 ELIAS

Hello everybody,

I have a question and could hardly find something on the internet or only in the "ski-china".

the following:

Last February my grandma died. I've learned of it on the same day. To my family, I have no contact due to a bad past. I am only 21 years now and had no such a death beforehand and did not know that I have to "knock out" within 6 weeks.

Well, a bill came from the tenant of my grandma with a sum of over 1000 €.

I know, ignorance does not protect against punishment. But I have inquired and read on the Internet that you can apply for a discount management or a statement insolvency.

has a VOn you experience it or maybe you can advise one of both advise / advise. Maybe someone knows about the approximate costs?

If I pay this now, I do not know what else will go to me for me, so I would rather consider something like that !!

I would be grateful for every tip!


You only became the legacy of the grandma if your parent is already died, which child of the grandma is already died. In the case also without notification of the court for you the 6 weeks of knowledge of death. Then only the estate insolvency - over the costs I can not tell you. Here I would then urge to advise the lawyer. From the heirs, the burial costs can also be demanded.

If this parent still lives - and has the heritage, for example, for over-indebtedness, you must first be called by the court to heir in the case - in the case, you should rely on the letter of the landlord to the estate court and the legacy.


Basically if there is no testamentThe statutory succession:

  1. Order Children, Grandson Grandson, etc.
  2. Order parents, brother, nephew
  3. Order grandparents and those of their descendants is usually no longer relevant

Basically, his claim is not entitled but must be regulated by the estate . So either the landlord wants to have you on wages or your mother does not live anymore. Because after legal succession, it is the next heir and inherits principle everything except the compulsory share. That is, that's lazy. Only when the estate manager is listening to you on that you have to react. But basically you are actually excluded from the succession when your mother still lives, she inherits with your uncle (if you have a) equal,



So with death no will opens up, no estate is regulated.

for this is, as far as I know , the district court responsible. And the district court also sends you a letter to inform you and then the deadline is running.

Since you become heritage after your grandma and not one of your parents (namely the child of the grandpa), however, there must be a testament . And if this will be opened, then you have to get a letter with the testament opening.

If you did not get the letter, then there will be time at the district court once a friendly.

My Guess: Nothing was opened. The landlord asked your family "Who pays now?" and your family just has DI called XD

But just ask the district court.



Nope, why should you also be heritage of grandmother?

If there is nothing else from the estate court, you can not be a heritage as well.

Do you have something on the hat with grandmother's lease, terminated or so?

Heritage unknowingly started?